Handmade Soap, Made In Ireland

Our Irish handmade soap is handmade in Ireland from start to finish and all done in our cottage where we live.  It's as Irish as it gets!  All our ingredients are sourced in Ireland too.  And the soap is handmade and hand-poured in small batches to ensure its continuous quality.

What you get from a bar of our soap is a lasting bar with a lovely sudsy lather.  This is due to the amount of olive oil in the soap as well as the fine oils of sweet almond, coconut and shea butter

Irish handmade soap


Irish Handmade Soap Process

Did you know we use the cold process soap method?  This involves heating the oils to a certain temperature (around 95 degrees Fahrenheit or 35 degrees Celcius) and having the lye (water with sodium hydroxide) at more or less the same temperature.  This part is very important because if the oils or lye are too hot they might react badly.  If they are too cold they might not work at all. When making the soap, I am extremely focused and intent on getting the ingredients measured correctly as well as the sodium hydroxide.  

Before starting out on my creation of the next batch of Irish handmade soap, I take a few deep breaths, I tell myself to be more than aware of each process and I make sure my phone is away from me and any other distraction that could cause me to lose concentration.  I think that I don't pay half as much attention to any other products that I make as I do for the soap.  I don't have a machine to tell me what to do or what the next step is.  It's all down to me!!  And If I don't measure correctly the soap could end up being a disaster.  Here is a video where you get to see some of the soap-making process



Our Irish handmade soaps come in 7 varieties:  lemongrass with poppy seed, lavender & frankincense with seaweed, patchouli & palm rosa, spicy cinnamon, citronella & pine with peat, eucalyptus & rosemary, and ylang ylang with honey & oatmeal

We use some ingredients such as oatmeal, or spices or even ground-up frankincense in our handmade soaps.  All the fragrances derive from pure essential oils thus making this Irish handmade soap also as natural as can be. 

I haven't really spoken about each process of the Irish handmade soap because that's my secret and I'd have to shoot you if I were to give you my secret recipe and method!!  Now we don't want to be doing that, do we?  Try it for yourself.  You'll never go back to liquid soap in stupid plastic bottles or cheap store=bought soap.





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