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Natural Skincare with No Animal Testing

natural ingredients in skinare

It is abhorrent to think that an animal would suffer in any way because of what we are putting on our skin.  Testing on animals  for cosmetics was banned in Europe in 2013,  so we can all breathe a sigh of relief.  And not before its time.  I think of the countless pure little creatures that suffered, before this legislation was brought in, so that the cosmetic companies could safely put a product out on the market.

So how can we now know whether a product is safe or not?  Well, the answer doesn't lie in subjecting a harmless animal to rigorous testing.  It lies in the fact that we don't need to use any dubious or previously untested substances.  There are countless ingredients that we all know will not cause any harm to us (unless we have an allergy to certain ingredients, like a nut allergy.  But in general, most people, who don't have overly sensitive skin can put many ingredients on their skin, especially if the ingredients are natural.

At Heartworks, we believe that if you can eat an ingredient without it harming you, like avocado, then it's alright to put it on your skin.  

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