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Natural Ingredients in our handmade soaps and shampoo bars

Only the most natural ingredients go into our handmade soaps.  In this photo you have our Lavender and aloe vera soap with calendula petals and poppy seeds.  It's both cleansing and expoliating and puts back into your skin what it takes out with the washing.  Your skin won't feel dry after using this soap, even on your face.  

We also make a soap with ylang ylang, oatmeal and honey.  Also an exfoliating soap.  Lots of our customers use this one when they have skin conditions, such as psoriasis or even acne.  

Nothing like this soap; peppermint and cornmeal . to wake you up in the morning and clarify the foggy, still sleeping brain.  It's also very refreshing on the skin as well as being exfoliating.


We have other soaps that carry ingredients such as peat from the bog, or spirulina, or even spices from the kitchen.  For more details go to our Handmade Natural Soaps

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