Natural Handmade Soap and Shampoo Bars Gone Mad!

All our Natural Handmade Soap and Shampoo Bars have gone stark raving mad.  They escaped from their shelves and left without as much as a farewell, to hide among the flowers in our garden at the gate lodge.

Natural handmade soap patchouli and palma rosa

This one above thought itself camouflaged enough among the Clematis as did this one below

Citronella and pine natural soap

I think they're having an identity crisis.  They think that they might be flowers themselves what with the wonderful scent they give off

Lavender and nettle shampoo bar

Take this shampoo bar for example!  Just because it has nettle in it, it wanted to get close to the nettles beside this aquilegia.

lemongrass poppy seed natural soap

You, Mr. lemongrass and poppy seed soap, thought you'd hide from me?.  I spotted you peeping up from among the St. John's wort and the cranes bill.

natural scented soaps

And would you look at these ones basking in the evening sun among the lesser celandine as if they didn't have a better place to be?  They should be in someone's bathroom right now ready for washing those hands,  without drying them out and keeping covid 19 away.  I see a lavender shampoo bar in there too.  Haven't you to wash someone's hair and leave it soft,silky, clean and moisturised?  

cedarwood and bergamot shampoo bar for men

Our cedarwood and bergamot shampoo bar thought he'd have a holiday alongside his maker, the cedarwood tree trunk.  He even brought a bunch of buttercups with him.  Sitting pretty and feeling right at home.  Well, I'm afraid, Mr. cedarwood and bergamot shampoo bar, I've got a job for you.  It involves a washing of hair for a man down in Co. Clare. 

I've more to be doing than going around the house trying to find all of ye, natural soap and shampoo bars, and to bring ye home and fulfill my orders.  Get a move on!


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