Natural Handmade Soap

Natural Handmade Soap, Irish Made

 Here at Heartworks, we pride ourselves on our handmade natural soap.  We've been making it for years now; possibly 10 years.  Some of our soap does have palm oil in it.  We have this one because it's a tried and tested product that has been used by my sister in her soap business in the states for close on 30 years.  The palm oil comes from a  sustainable source.  Palm oil in a soap, doesn't really have any particular quality that is good or bad for the skin but what it does do is it makes a very solid bar.  This can also be achieved by using a lot of coconut oil but in doing so you risk having a bar that can possible dry out the skin.  

Palm Free Natural Soap

The majority of our soap is palm free where we use a good deal of olive oil followed by coconut oil (not too much so as not to dry out the skin), sweet almond oil and shea butter.  The soap that does have the palm oil also has these oils in them too but in difference doses.  

Natural additives in our hand made soaps

Natural additives such as rose clay, cornmeal, spirulina, spices and oatmeal make their way into some of our soaps along with the natural fragrance of essential oils.

So whether you want a palm free soap or a harder bar with palm oil, we've got it all.  My understanding of using palm oil in a soap is as follows:-  Little soapers like us, who believe small is beautiful,  are not the problem here.  It's the big multi national corporations which are the problem. They  use palm oil merely to keep their costs down and substitute more nutritious oils with this cheaper oil to make more profit.  We, at Heartworks, are using it as it makes a superior bar of soap.  It's not necessarily a cheaper oil for us.  In fact, it is the same price as the coconut oil.  Quality is what drives us, not profit!!!

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