Natural Fibre Clothing Is Better For Your Skin

By natural fibre clothing we mean clothes that are made of cotton, silk, or linen and these are definitely better next to your skin than artificial fibre clothing such as nylon, polyester, or acrylic.  

And how is it better for your skin?  Besides being more eco-friendly and kinder to the environment natural fibres are breathable, resistant to molds, and durable.  Being breathable makes them the no 1 choice for people who are allergic to many things as they are hypoallergenic and have many antibacterial properties

bamboo plant

Other natural fibres, not already mentioned, are bamboo and hemp.  Bamboo is made from the bamboo plant and makes a very soft, absorbable, and breathable material that is great in the making of clothes, sanitary towels, bath towels, and reusable nappies.  It is also antibacterial.  Hemp is made from the cannabis plant and like hemp is breathable, antibacterial, absorbable, and resistant to mold.

There's hardly any need to extol the virtues of cotton, silk and linen, is there? Their incredible strength as fabrics, and their absorbability,  especially cotton, linen, and wool, is second to none.  They keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.  They allow your skin to breathe.  They keep unwanted bacteria at bay.  It's no wonder that the most desirable sheets on your bed are either cotton or linen

linen sheets

Linen is the oldest fabric and no wonder it is still around today.   It comes from the flax plant and has been used for centuries as the no 1 in clothing, tablecloths, tea towels, and bed sheets.  It is such a strong fabric and so washable, durable, and breathable.

Synthetic fibres, on the other hand, are usually riddled with chemicals and toxins, they don't last at all, and they make you sweaty, hot, and bothered under the collar.  They entice bacteria and cause all kinds of itching and scratching.  Many people have allergic reactions to them.  They don't allow the skin to breathe normally and can cause rashes on the skin.

So next time you're out buying clothes, think about this:- Do I want this garment to be breathable?  Do I want it to keep me warm in winter but cool in summer?  Do I cause any damage to the environment by buying this product?  Will it keep my skin feeling normal and ward off any unwanted bacteria?  Is this garment going to cause an itch on my skin?  Are there lots of chemicals and toxin gone into the making of the material?  Ask yourself these questions and when you answer them you will go for the natural fabrics for your  bedding, personal hygiene, household goods, and especially the clothes you put on your back.  Let your skin breathe!!



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