Natural Facial Cleanser For Blackheads

facial oil cleanser for teenagers with acne

We've all had blackheads on our faces at some stage or other, especially when we were teenagers.  Blackheads and pimples probably affect 50% of all teenagers.  It's to do with their hormones, eating habits, lifestyle, and probably poor hygiene.   A good natural facial oil cleanser will clean those blackheads right out of the pores.  At Heartworks Skincare, we make natural facial cleansers for blackheads and all dirt that gets stuck in your pores.

natural facial oil cleansers with organic oils

What causes blackheads?

It's interesting to note how blackheads come about.  The skin's natural oils (sebum) clog up the pores which, in turn, get enlarged, allowing more sebum to go in and clog up.  All this mixed with dirt and grime make the pore expand, get dirty and infected and cause a lot of embarrassment and poor self-esteem.  Some people are more prone than others because they produce too much sebum.  The problem is that the pores get clogged up with dirt, grime and sebum and the walls of the pores get bigger and bigger and then stretch to accommodate this dirty oil and in turn lose their strength and elasticity from constant stretching.  That's basically Joe Soap explanation!!

4 things to do to avoid blackheads

  1. Eat well!  I know I harp on about diet but it is so true that  a diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and less processed food will really help.  Avoid dairy and alcohol.  Cut out sugar.  It does no favours.  Or at least cut down
  2. Drink lots of water!  About 2 litres a day.  This flushes out toxins.
  3. Regularly wash the face with a nice handmade natural soap!  Use a gentle exfoliating handcloth and some lukewarm water and with circular movements rub the soap into the skin and rinse off thoroughly
  4. Use a facial oil cleanser at least three times a week.  Instructions on how to use are on the bottle of ours

So have you done any of these four steps above today to improve the condition of your skin?  Go On!! Just do it!



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