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Natural Cream Deodorant V Antiperspirants


Why should you use natural deodorant instead of using antiperspirant sprays?  Well,  the answer, my friend, is blowing in the wind and is very simple.  

One simply must sweat.  Sorry ladies, I know you only glow and men you only perspire and it is horses  that sweat.  Whatever!!  The thing is:  you shouldn't stop this process which is necessary to get toxins out.  Besides, there are many harmful ingredients in this commercial antiperspirants - very harmful.  One of these is aluminum which gets absorbed into the body and may cause  alzheimer's disease and if that isn't enough may cause breast cancer. 

I'm no medical expert but I personally wouldn't touch antiperspirants with a 40 foot pole even if they tell me that there is "no scientific evidence to prove " that aluminium and parabens are not bad for the body. I'll go with my gut feeling and stick to the natural  deodorant.  Here's a link to find out more about our cream deodorant

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