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Mushroom Picking

Mushrooms Picking

I was out today picking mushrooms early this morning in a nearby field and without a good degree of success.  You want to know which field, don't you?  Well, I'm not telling.  It'll be my little secret, mine and Mauricio's. 

Not only did I look in the fields but also in the adjoining woods and this is what I found in the woods. 

Beef mushroom

 Again, you want to know where exactly I found this one and I am truly sorry to say that I won't be telling you.  I'll give one hint - it was found on a tree!!!  We, mushroom pickers, tend to keep these little valuable snippets of information a secret.  That way, tomorrow there might be some more waiting for us in that exact spot.  Call me selfish!!!  Doesn't look much but apparently it's the mother of all mushrooms - or maybe the father.  It's supposed to taste like beef steak and it's called Beefsteak Mushroom.  I'll find out soon enough 'cause himself is cooking it up right now.  I might have to bring out and fry the onions too for the full effect

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