Moisturising Cream for Women with Dry Skin

From my experience out there at markets and craft fairs selling our natural skincare I'd say the majority of us women suffer from dry skin rather than oily skin.  We might have oily patches on our forehead or around the T zone but the skin elsewhere is in need of moisturising.  Throughout the years, I've done quite a bit of gathering information about women's skincare needs, and I've found out what they generally are looking for.  Most of the time they are asking for moisturising face cream or a balm to soothe their feet or elbows or hand cream to combat the roughness and dryness of their hands.  But why natural skincare? moisturising hand cream

Well, people and women, in particular, have recently become more discerning and more aware of what goes into their bodies internally and externally.  They are looking for skincare that doesn't have any artificial additives in it or nasty parabens.  They carefully read the label nowadays to ensure that what is in there will not harm them.  They also care about the environment knowing that if we protect our environment we protect ourselves.  They also ensure that no animal cruelty is involved in making the skincare.

facial oil cleansers

At Heartworks, we can offer products that will not harm the person, will do the job it is supposed to do and, as all our products come in cardboard or tins, there is no waste.  So that's a plus for the environment.  We believe that quality ingredients are essential to making our skincare.  For example, our facial oil cleansers have organic oils of sunflower, golden jojoba, and castor; the variants on this product are because of the essential oils used.  Our face creams are completely oil-based and therefore there are no preservatives in there.  Depending on which variant you go for, there are really special oils in them, such as evening primrose or rosehip, or aloe vera butter.  

night face cream for dry skin

Cocoa butter is a great ingredient in our body butter as is the coconut oil along with the shea butter, sweet almond oil, and apricot kernel.  All of these contribute greatly to moisturising the skin.  The same goes for the hand cream

calendula and beeswax hand cream

People have come up to me, at craft fairs or markets, desperately looking for a lip balm that will work; that, instead of drying out their lips, will moisturise them and protect them.  These cheap lip balms, I'm afraid, are not doing it for them.  I can always happily recommend our own lip balm that has so much beeswax, coconut oil, and shea butter in there.  

Basically, if the ingredients are of good quality and a variety of different oils go into the various types of skincare then that skincare will be good for you.  It will do its job.  In this case, that job is the one of moisturising.  Heartworks would like to invite you to visit our skincare for women collection and to please contact us if you have any queries or concerns about our skincare range

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