Mirror Mirror on The Wall

There is probably someone out there more beautiful than you but you are beautiful so believe it.  Don't worry about what the mirror on the wall says.  That "mirror on the wall" usually is everyone outside of yourself and/or that part of your own self that doesn't really like you. The "mirror on the wall" sure as hell doesn't look into your soul and can't get an accurate reading.
What does it matter whether there are only 3 people in the room who are "more beautiful" than you or whether there are 20.  It doesn't matter at all if you, yourself, don't realise just how beautiful and unique you are mirror mirror on the wall


If you look after yourself, eat well, get plenty of exercise and fresh air, drink lots of water, refrain from sugary drinks, try not to take in too many toxins into the body, above all don't smoke, enjoy alcohol sensibly.  keep yourself fairly trim and fit, look after your mental health, believe in yourself, be kind to yourself, be honest with yourself, maintain awareness of yourself, that's all that matters.  Beauty is far too overrated.  Peace of mind and a healthy respect for oneself and others is far more important along with self-awareness


And instead of asking a mirror what it thinks, why not work on your own opinion of yourself.  If it's a bit negative then you must find a way to turn it around.  So what if your skin is sagging a bit around the face.  A little bit of face cream and massage might sort that out.  There are exercises to tighten up the neck and jowls.  Google it!!. Yoga also helps.  So what if you've too much fat around the tummy and hips - nothing that diet and exercise can't fix.  Do something about it!!  Go for a walk, take the bike out for a spin, go for a jog, join the gym.  So what if your eyes are the wrong colour.  They'll never be the right colour so just accept the colour of your eyes, the texture of your skin, the quality of your hair - go and find out how to fix your hair if it's limp and lifeless.  Again google might help.  There are lots of herbs and natural remedies out there that help strengthen hair, nails, skin and teeth.  There are remedies for everything.  If you want to change something about yourself that's doable, then do it.  If you can't change it then be happy with it.

Do a bit of soul searching instead of asking mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all!!! Those questions never end well

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