Making Shampoo Bars the Natural Way

Making Shampoo Bars the Natural Way

natural luxury shampoo bar

We, at Heartworks, make shampoo bars exactly like we would if making regular natural soap.  There's a lot goes into the process and you wouldn't want to be in a hurry.  

First of all it takes 5/6 weeks to cure; that is when you have cut the bars and leave them to dry out and to let the lye (sodium hydroxide) neutralise and be rendered safe.  (Mind you, you wouldn't want to get it in your eyes)

All ingredients must be weighed out carefully; the oils, the natural additives, the essential oils and especially the lye.  Then, after that, it's like making a cake  (I wouldn't eat it if I were you!!).  All get mixed together and blended until they begin to trace (thicken).  Then, without further ado, this mixture has to be poured into its resing place, its mold for 24 hours.  During that time a gelling process goes on and saponification happens and magically you have soap or shampoo bars.


The shampoo bars are really a luxurious soap.  Well this is certainly the case with Heartworks.  We put really lovely oils into our shampoo bar that would not be put into a regular soap; oils such as castor, kukui nut, jojoba, avocado.  Of course, in there too is coconut, sweet almond, apricot kernel and the wonderful olive with its ability to soften.  

Who needs a condiditoner bar after using this shampoo?  I argue that this shampoo bar is a conditioner, a softener and, most important, a cleanser all in one.

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