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Looking after your lips

Looking after your lips

Looking after your lips


What does that mean?  Looking after your lips!!!

Well, believe or not there are lots of tips for looking after your lips that go along with the many problems your lips can pose


Chapping occurs in extreme types of weather.  For example, when the cold weather starts to come in, the lips start to feel the difference.  A good solution there is to keep them well protected with lip balm, and even going a bit outside the lips


Splitting can happen when you sleep in a poorly venilated room where the air is very dry.  Again, a good lip balm covering before bed can protect the lips.  But also try remedy the problem.  Open the window, give some air to the room

Cold Sores

Caused by the herpes simplex.  The scourge of many.  I'm afraid, it usally means a wait of 2 weeks for them to fully dry up and go away.  But I find that tea tree is brilliant.  If you apply tea tree immediately, you might even prevent them from fully materialising.  But if you don't get there on time, you just have to wait it out.  Keep putting on tea tree (you can do this directly without diluting the tea tree).  Try avoid contact until the sores are cleared up as they are very contagious.  


What you eat is very important as is what you drink.  Avoid smoking and drinking too much alcohol.  Drink lots of fresh water.  Eat lots of vitamin rich foods.  Get lots of exercise outdoors.  ETC ETC

Give your lips a good massage from time to time.  This can be done with some facial oil or even by rubbing the tongue along the inside of the lips to stretch them out.  And speaking of stretching, you can also open your mouth as wide as it will go (when no one is looking - they'll think you've got some rare old tick).  Do this several times a day.  The bathroom is the best place for this as you're almost sure that no one is looking!!!

Last but least, don't be licking your lips too much.  The saliva can actually dry out your lips.  

Heartworks do a "mean" lip balm with lashings of protective beeswax and moisturising coconut oil and shea butter

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