Linden Flower Facial Steam/Wash

Linden Flower Facial Steam/Wash

facial steam

Go out now, without delay, and find the nearest linden tree.  Another name for linden tree is lime tree.  Anyway find one and go underneath and there you will find the linden blooms.  Now is the right time.  Well, at least around Charlevile Castle, where I live there are lots of blooms on the lime trees.

How to prepare for a facial steam

Collect the flowers, bring home, boil them up in water for about 15 minutes.  Tie up your hair, find a towel, sit down somewhere relaxing on a high enough chair so that you are able to lean over the saucepan with that same boiling water.  Cover your head with the towel and be aware if it's too hot in there and therefore you'll need to let some air in by lifting the towel.  Let common sense prevail.  You don't want to burn yourself with the steam, you just want the steam to open up the pores.  Stay there for 10 mins approximately.  Wipe your face gently after with a soft cloth to remove all dirt.  Stay indoors for a while until your face cools down and the pores close again.

Why a facial steam

Well a facial steam will open up the pores and help clean them out, leaving your skin feeling cleansed.  But it will also relax all those muscles on your face, giving a new tone to you face and skin.  You'll feel very relaxed after it too.  You might even want to go and sleep.  

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