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Lemon essential oil and your skin

Lemon essential oil and your skin

We all know lemon to be a  great cleaner upper of oily stains and we might use a wee bit of fresh lemon when washing the greasy dishes?  At least I do.  If I have a particularly greasy pan I'll wait until all the dishes are washed (no dish washer in our house!!) and then tackle it with some freshly squeezed lemon and some extra washing up liquid.  Now there's a big difference between an oily pan and an oily face.  I'm not, for a minute, trying to compare one with the other.  But the same principle applies.  Lemon essential oil in a face cream is great for acne ridden skin.  It helps combat the over production of sebum and it also cleans up bacteria on the skin.

Other Benefits of lemon essential oil on the skin

Lemon essential oil is great for brightening up dullish skin and makes the skin seem vibrant and healthy.  It also tightens and tones the skin.  Applied sparingly every day and accompanied by a good face massage, our lemon and lemongrass face cream is something to consider

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