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Kukui Nut and Its Benefits on the Hair and Scalp

Kukui Nut and Its Benefits on the Hair and Scalp

Kukui nut comes from the kukui nut tress of Hawaii and the oil is expressed from the kernels and nuts from that tree.  In Hawaii they use this oil to treat sunburn and chapped skin as it is very high in linoleic and linolenic acids,  which are essential for healthy skin, and it is also easily absorbed.  

It has been used in the treatment of eczema, psoriasis, sunburns and chapped skin.  So one can imagine its benefits particularly on the scalp.  No doubt it will also be beneficial for the strands, locking in moisture and keeping the hair soft and smooth

We have it in some of our shampoo bars; the ones for normal to dry skin.  I have had numerous customers come back to me saying that their itchy scalp or their eczema or indeed dandruff went away as a result of using these shampoo bars

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