Jojoba for the Hair and Skin

Jojoba for the Hair and Skin

face cream with jojoba oil

Heartworks use only the finest ingredients and those most beneficial for the skin.  Among our ingredients is jojoba oil.  This comes from seed of the shrub,  Simmondsia Chinensis, found in Mexico and some southern US statesand is golden in colour.  We use it in our shampoo bars, our facial oil cleansers and our face creams.  

It is truly a versatile oil.  Rich in Vitamin b, c, and e plus zinc and copper, it can nourish, strengthen the hair strands as well as moisturise the scalp and may be good for dandruff.  But it is also good for oily hair as it keeps the sebum, an oil, produced by our body's sebaceous glands, at bay.  In a way, it puts manners on over zealous sebum glands and tells them to stop producing so much.

For those suffering from acne, it is really beneficial as it puts manners on the sebaceous glands (as above).  So that makes it good for oily skin types.  But strangely enough, it is also really good for dry mature skin.  It acts as a humectant, bringing moisture and retaining it in the skin.  It's anti-inflammatory and can soothe dry irritated skin.  Because of its vitamin a and e and omega 6 it has lots of anti-oxidants to keep away free radicals.  

It may be good for healing wounds and scars and for reducing wrinkles and fine lines on the face

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