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Ivy-leaved Toadflax


ivy leafed toadflax growing on the stone walls

The walls surrounding our house are awash with ivy-leaved toadflax.  It is growing out of every possible crack it can find.  And what's more; it is thriving.  It must love the warmth that accumulates in the stone walls keeping a nice even warm temperature throughout the day even when temperatures drop.  This May of 2021 has been unseasonably cold and this is reflected in a lot of the flowers around the house that are reluctant to take off and grow.  It's as if they are waiting for sunnier climes and heat to finally arrive.  But not the ivy-leafed toadflax.  No, they're very happy in their resting place

ivy-leafed toadflax

Just look at the detail in the above photo.  You can imagine a bee loving to land on this flower and partake of its nectar and it would be well camouflaged while doing so.  

During dry periods I like to get the hose and spray water on them.  You can imagine that, if it doesn't rain for a few days, it can get very arid and dry up on a stone wall.  We can have the ivy-leaved toadflax adorning our walls all summer if we make sure they don't run out of water.  Otherwise, they look after themselves very nicely.  

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