Inspired by Flowers Around The House


We live in a truly beautiful and inspirational place, on the edge of Charleville forest with all its amazing oaks, hawthorns, ash trees, sycamores, sweet and horse chestnuts, to name a few.  We even have the King Oak tree, not more than 200 metres from the house. This tree is carbon dated to 1492.  Imagine all that energy at our doorstep.  We only have to go to the back of the house to see the expanse of fields stretching right down to the Tullamore rive.  The stones walls of the estate are also visible.  

Charleville Forest

Around our house, there are old shrubs planted there by past tenants, old cottage flowers that have been there for many a year and then over the last 25 years Mauricio and I have tended the garden with all the love we could muster.  I think it showsflowers around the house

green alkanet flower around the house

Did you know that daisies are great for joint pain.  Later on I'll give a recipe on how to make your own daisy ointment or balm.  For the moment I send you to a link about how to make a infusion of daisies in my blog

Even our cats are happy being here

Billy our cat up in the tree

Meet Billy - Silly Billy, our fluffy gorgeous cat!

Because we live here and don't need for much, we lead very simple lives.  We want for nothing and are content with little.  That's what happens when you live in nature and appreciate the simple pleasures of life, like tending your garden.  This is where a daisy body butter would come in handy.  It's one of my next projects: to make an ointment with daisy or arnica for joint pains and for gardeners who really do suffer from time to time with aches and pains.

tending our garden

Life is abundant at the Gate Lodge, Charleville Estate!!!  Nature gives us everything we need.  That is why I started a few years ago on my natural skincare journey - so that I could use all things natural in my skincare products.  For example, rosemary in my shampoo bars or calendula in my body butter or tea tree in my hand cream or beeswax in my lip balms.  

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