Important Vitamins for you Skin This Winter

There are many vitamins that play some role or other in the general health of your skin. 

skin loving oils in a face cream

Vitamins like C, D AND E are among them.  Now that winter is upon us, it's very important to ensure a daily intake of each of these.  Easier said than done!  

Vitamin D, for example, comes from the sunlight and there isn't much of that about these days.  But do try to get outside even if it's for a short 15/20 minutes.  Eating vitamin d rich foods, such as salmon, tuna, yoghurt helps too

Vitamin C  is vital for our skin health. It is anti-oxidant, anti-inflamatory and helps in the production of collagen.  It also heals damaged skin.  Get it into you in large doses, if possible, through supplements or eating lots of citrus fruit, broccoli and spinach

Vitamin E is anti-inflamatory and helps couteract the damage done by the sun's rays (not a problem in winter too much) and you'll get it from eating lots of nuts and seeds.

And one last word, keep rubbing some nice oils such as sweet almond oil, coconut oil, shea butter, apricot kernel, jojoba and sunflower oil into your face and body making sure that you give yourself a good massage in the process.  Your skin will thank you for it!!

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