How To Make Rose Oil Using Rose Petals

How To Make Rose Oil Using Rose Petals

rose for rose oil

It's really easy to make rose oil using rose petals.  All you need is oil (I'll explain later), rose petals and a big jar.  

The oil should be something that you want to use on you skin.  For example a good quality olive oil would be great.  But even better would be sweet almond oil mixed with apricot kernel and a good amount of avocado oil.  All these oils bring their own properties to the skin and used together can really soften, moisturise, and hydrate the skin.

I would recommend your own petals from your garden that haven't been sprayed with anything harmful for the skin.  Using your own roses guarantees the naturalness of the petals.  These petals you should pick as the roses are maturing and are about to shed their petals and need to be dead headed.  Collect these on a daily basis and leave in a large open cardboard box in a sheltered place out of wind and rain where they can dry for about 3 weeks.  Make sure they are completely dry and free from moisture of any kind!  Before using crumple them up in you hand so they reduce in bulk

Ingredients for Rose Oil

As I said before the ingredients for rose oil are only oil and petals.  For the oil part of this I recommend the following:

1/4 litre of sweet almond oil

1/4 litre of apricot kernel

100 g of avocado oil

The rest of the ingredients are:-

2 cups of  dried rose petals

I litre jar 

Method For Making Rose Oil

Pour all the oils into the jar.  Add the rose petals.  Here you can either do two things 1. Put the jar into a saucepan with boiling water, continue to boil on low heat for 20 minutes to half and hour.  2. Leave the jar on a sunny window sill for a few days.  You can also do a combination of both.   This heat helps to extract the oils from the petals. 

6 Benefits of Rose Oil

Your rose oil will smell divine.  Use generously all over your body.  You'll be a rose goddess!!!  Besides being a goddess though, there are many many benefits to rose oil for the skin

  • They say it reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • It adds extra moisturising qualities to your oils
  • It can be used in the prevention and treatment of acne
  • It is relaxing to the body and soul - always a good thing for the skin
  • I've heard it say that it reduces dark rings under the eyes (can't say for sure that this is correct)
  • It's good for the circulation (also good for the skin in the long run)

Try it!! You've nothing to lose and possibly a lot to gain! 

These oils that I've mentioned above, ie, sweet almond and apricot kernel form the basis for our night face creams along with avocado oil, shea butter and beeswax.  Then other super oils are added such as jojoba oil, evening primrose oil, aloe vera butter, vitamin e oil, rosehip oil.  




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