How lemon improves your complexion

How lemon improves your complexion

lemons for complexion

Just how does lemon improve your complexion?   Well:-

  • As lemons are full of vitamin c and citric acid they can brighten up and lighten your skin, by reducing melanin, if used a good bit and over time. 
  • They are also powerful anti-oxidants and are great can act as an astringent ono the face tightening it all up
  • And they are powerfully anti-microbial and anti-fungal so will really clean out you pores and leave your face looking and feeling clean and free of dirt, grime and grease.  
  • It's been known that lemons with their high vitamin c content can help in the promotion of collagen so that's always a good thing, especially for us people who have ageing skin.

Precautions when using lemon for the complexion

Now you have to be careful and proceed with caution with using lemons especially on your face. 

As lemon is extremely acidic it can cause skin irritation.  If this happens stop using it immediately

You must not use lemon and then go out in the sun as it makes your skin more sensitive to the sun

When using lemon juice to lighten dark spots, large, white leukoderma spots may develop instead.

How to apply lemon juice to the skin

Before beginning it is imperative that you try a little lemon juice on the wrist of near the elbow (some sensitive part that might not be seen too readily)  to see if there is a bad reaction

If you want to use the juice all round your face, try mixing equal parts milk with lemon juice and then apply.  This will have an exfoliating effect on the skin and helps to get the juice penetrating further into the skin.  Leave for 3 minutes and then rinse off and pat dry gently.   If needed apply a moisturiser to the skin.  Do not overdo this - about 3 times a week is sufficient

If you want the juice to put on spots, take a cotton bud, dip it in the juice and dab on the spot.  Leave for 3 minutes and rinse off



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