How Do You Apply Natural Cream Deodorant?

Like all natural products natural cream deodorant doesn't have any chemicals or preservatives in there, nor does it have artificial additives.  All these chemicals, preservatives, and additives are very harmful to our bodies, especially the lymph nodes which are right beside the underarm and just under the skin.  Besides all this, natural cream deodorant doesn't stop you from sweating; it absorbs odours that arise due to the sweat.  This is a good thing.  We are supposed to sweat.  What causes us embarrassment most of the time is the odour emanating from our armpits.  A natural cream deodorant will absorb that sweat and that bad odour so you can go about your busy life with confidence.  The purpose of this blog is to convince you that it is easy, effective and cost-reducing to switch to a natural cream deodorant

As mentioned above, it is embarrassing to have a bad smell coming from your underarm.  This is very common so don't think you're alone.  Whether, leaning over a colleague at work to get that pen, dancing and having fun with a friend at a nightclub, or being together with family over the Sunday dinner, we simply don't need to be smelling bad. Having that really bad body odour will take the joy right out of any situation that is meant to be sociable.  Switching to a natural cream deodorant can go a long way in helping you with this problem.  

A lot of you out there will think that a natural cream deodorant is not easy to use.  You're right to think that it is not as easy as spraying under the armpit as is the case with antiperspirants.  But remember, these same antiperspirants are not a healthy option.  They can interfere with our hormones.  They have been blamed for breast cancer.  A lot of them have aluminium and parabens in them.  But let's go back to the subject of how easy or difficult it is to put natural cream deodorant on. What is so difficult about taking a tin of cream deodorant, scraping off (it's a putty type substance) enough for the two armpits, rubbing it between fingers and palm and then putting it under the arm, repeating this process if you feel you'll need a bit more?  It couldn't be any easier!!!  

Natural Cream Deodorant

One of the advantages of using these cream deodorants is their natural fragrance.  Heartworks Skincare has 6 varieties of cream deodorant to choose from and one smells better than the next.  The tins are 100g and will last the average person 3/6 months so they are relatively good value.  The texture is that of putty due to the ingredients in there:- cocoa butter, shea butter, beeswax, arrowroot and bentonite clay - all natural, all safe to use in that delicate area.  Another great advantage to switching to cream deodorant is the cost.  All you need for each application of under the two arms is a pea-size portion so in a tin of 100g you'll get between 100 too 200 applications - that's enough to last you between 3 months and 6 months.

But, leaving the cost of natural cream deodorant aside to make room for all the other benefits: fragrance, safe ingredients, environmentally friendly, no cruelty to animals,  all these points are so important in the modern world.  It is imperative that we make a switch to a more natural, holistic and gentle way of life.  We owe to ourselves, our planet and our children and future generations.  Make the switch today!!

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