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Helping the Lymph System

Helping the Lymph System

Trampoline for lymphatic system

I know that the lymph system hasn't exactly much to do with skincare but having a properly functioning lymph system is vital for everything in the body including the skin.  If not working as well as it should it can lead to skin conditions and/or unhealthy skin.

So how can we help our lymph system?
  1. Well, an easy and almost fun way to stimulate it is to tap your boby all over lightly with your finger tips; very very lightly.  You can also "brush" your limbs with your fingers working up from hands up to just under the armpit.  The same with the feet right up to the groin area.  Again ever so lightly.
  2. Jumping on a trampoline is also beneficial for the lymph system.  Or if in the swimming pool, jumping up and down in the water. 
  3. A hot and then cold shower is mighty too.
  4. Fast walking on a daily basis for about 20/30 minutes
  5. By breathing deeply for 5/10 minutes several times a day
  6. By eating lots of fresh veggies (and fruit) such as leafy greens.  Eating well in general!
  7. By avoiding processed food, sugar and salt.  Cut down on meat also.


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