Heartworks Skincare, Inspired by Nature

Heartworks Skincare is Truly Inspired by Nature

We are blessed to live in a beautiful part of the midlands of Ireland.  The Gate Lodge into Charleville Castle and Forest is our abode, on the fringes of two worlds; the outskirts to the busy and thriving midlands town of Tullamore and the fields and woodlands of Charleville Estate. 

On the one hand, we are so close to the town that we scarcely have to take our car out and we more often go by bike to do our shopping.  On the other hand, as we leave our wee house, we are immediately surrounded by beautiful oak, ash and beech trees, including the King Oak. 

The formidable Charleville Castle is a mere 15-minute walk away, through the woods. Bluebells and wild garlic adorn the forest floor in April and May.

At the back of our house, looking upon such beauty and tranquility as the open fields afford, makes us feel very rich indeed.  It is extraordinary to gaze upon the evening sun setting through the trees and share the view with the grazing cows.

Charleville Forest Sunset

The point is: who wouldn't be in awe of nature living in a place like this? Wouldn't anyone want to protect their surroundings when such beauty abounds?  How could you not be inspired to love and cherish all that is natural in the world?

We try to live in accordance with the dictates of our fragile environment. That means, trying to recycle as much as possible, not being wasteful, living fairly frugally, aiming for self-reliance, striving towards a wholesome lifestyle, seeing the good in all that is simple, honest and pure and, most importantly living in harmony with nature.

We hope that this is evident in our business ethics and our natural skincare products. They have been made with Charleville Estate close to our hearts.

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