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Cleansing But Gentle Handmade Soap

All our soap is handmade using natural oils and essential oils.  After a period of 5 weeks, you have a natural handmade soap that is kind and gentle but cleansing for your skin.   We also add natural additives such as rose clay, poppy seeds, or seaweed to our handmade soap to give it texture or an interesting but subtle colour or to give the soap an exfoliating quality.  

handmade soap exfoliating, gentle and cleansing

Each bar is hand cut, cured for 5 weeks, and then laid to rest in its cardboard box ready for you to hold and cherish

handmade soap lavender & aloe vera

Natural Ingredients in our Handmade Soap

Only the finest ingredients go into our natural handmade soap.  Oils, such as olive oil, coconut oil, shea butter, and sweet almond oil are among the ingredients.  Essential oils help to give each variety (We have 12 altogether) their own special scent.  The extra additives, all natural, include cornmeal, oatmeal, poppy seeds (all great for exfoliating) seaweed, rose clay, powdered up frankincense, spices and peat from the bogs of Offaly.  We even have aloe vera in one of our soaps.  Have you picked up a bar of our handmade soap today?

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