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Handmade Natural Soaps with Soap Dish or Sisal Bag

Handmade Natural Soaps with Soap Dish or Sisal Bag

handmade natural soap with sisal bag


Of course, if you don't want a slate soap dish or a sisal bag, you can still buy one or any of our handmade natural soaps.  The extras are extras albeit both add a little value to the soap. 

Slate Soap Dish

The slate soap dish is handmade by us (Mauricio makes slate functional pieces for the home and garden using recycled slate).  It has bumper feet underneath to keep the dish from scratching your wash hand basin.  It has grooves in it to let the excess water drain off and keep the soap dry.  

Sisal Bag

The sisal bag is made from sisal and is really handy for keeping your soap hanging in the shower and also for giving yourself a good scrub.  Just simply leave the soap inside.

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