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Getting used to Shampoo Bars

Getting used to Shampoo Bars

conditioning, cleansing shampoo bar

My family and I will use nothing else but our shampoo bars and we don't use conditioner because we know that the shampoo bar has all you need in there to keep your hair clean, soft and conditioned

People ask me all the time if the shampoo bar will work on their hair.  I always say that this is up to the person himself or herself.  

One has to really want to switch over to shampoo bars because he/she wants to cut down on plastic or he wants to use a more natural product.

If you persist with a shampoo bar, after a few weeks your hair and scalp will get used to the higher ph balance,  And all those good oils that are in our shampoo bar; olive, coconut, castor, jojoba, sweet almond, shea butter, avocado will help your hair and scalp feel clean, moisturised and soft

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