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Frankincense - Does Wonders for the Skin!

Frankincense - Does Wonders for the Skin!


Frankincense oil is extracted from resin or gum form the Boswellia tree.  It has antiseptic, disinfectant and astringent qualities.  It has been a popular ingredient of cosmetics since ancient Egyptian times.  

Frankincense improves skin tone and condition and the astringent qualities act as a balancer of the skin, reducing dry or oily skin condition to normal.  It has a woody, spicy fragrance .

It might not get rid of wrinkles totally but it definitely helps to reduce them so It is brilliant for anyone over 40.

At Heartworks, we use it in thee ways:-  1. In one of our soaps, Lavender and Frankincense, we pound up the nuggets and leave them soaking for months in the olive oil that goes into the making of that soap.  2. In one of our facial oil cleansers along with lavender essential oil.  3.  We also use is in one of our face creams.  

Personally I can vouch for its efficacy.  I use an oil that has the powdered up frankincense in it on a daily basis and I feel my skin has greatly improved.  

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