Flower Power

Flower Power

I'm so lucky that I have a man in my life who is great at photography.  He takes product shots of my natural skincare using many different props.  Because we have a lovely garden he gets his inspiration sometimes from the flowers around the house

shampoo bar with chive flowers

This photo is with chive flowers from last year

natural soap ylang ylang with honey and oatmeal in the midst of flowers

This one has lettuce from the garden, day lilies (you can eat them), chive flowers and calendula flowers (which I put into my oils which end up in your body butter or hand cream)

face cream for all skin types

I just love chamomile (here in the photo).  We have it growing wild in our garden in a certain section.  We pick the flowers when in bloom every day and dry them and these we use for teas during the autumn and winter (great for digestion and for calming the mind)

grannys bonnet with lavender and nettle shampo

In the springtime, around May, (maybe that is summer) we get lady's bonnet (or aquilegia) all around the garden and in varying colours from pink to purple to light blue.  That and crane's bill (in the background of the photo above) fills our garden with colour abounding

sage flowers accompanying natural beeswax lip balm

Sage in our patio comes into flower in May and it is stunning and the bees love it

poppies and natural soap

A few of our natural palm free soaps accompanying the poppies.


I can't wait for this year's flowers that will be coming along as the summer progresses and I'll get my whip out and get that man of mine to make me some nice new photos of my products of natural skincare.

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