Fancy a Foot Soak?

Peppermint Foot Soak

As you all know, there's nothing quite like putting you aching feet into nice warm water and giving those poor feet, that go through so much torture everyday, a long relaxing soak.  One feels energised after it and ready for the world again.  It's incredible how we abuse our feet: putting them into tight ill-fitting shoes,  standing on them for long periods of time without giving them a rest and simply ignoring them most of the time when they are screaming out for a good soak or a massage.

foot soak

Now you can add lavender or any other essential oil that you like (and that is safe to do so) but I'm recommending peppermint essential oil.  It will increase blood circulation, give relief from any pain or cramps experienced in the feet and relax the muscles  (yes, there are lots of muscles in the feet, it's not all bone, you know).

Recipe for Peppermint Foot Soak

1/4 cup of epsom salts

1/4 cup of sea sal

5 drops of peppermint essetial oil

Instruction for your Peppermint Foot Soak

Fill a basin of water with nice warm water, hot enough but tolerable.  Throw in the epsom salts and sea salt and the peppermint drops and mix well.  Sit down somewhere where you can relax for 10 mins.  Have a towel to dry your feet at your reach.  Take those aching feet and lower them into the basin.  At first, you might think it's too hot but gradually your feet will get used to it as long as it wasn't too not in the first place.  Use your common sense.  And most importantly, ENJOY!!!


You can also take advantage of this time, when you nails will have softened with the warm water, to cut your nails and clean up your toes a little.  Pat dry your feet and go read a book or watch a film for a while to savour the moment of relaxation.




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