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Facial Cleansing


facial oil cleanser

You mightn't think it's important to clean your face thoroughly daily but it is. Think of all that dust and grime that you pick up during the day by just existing.  And then you don't clean it off and proceed to put make up on top of it.  Yuk!!!  

A good cleanse daily with some nice oils will do the trick.  Besides the fact that you're spending 2 minutes massaging the oils into your face, a very good idea indeed to get the blood flow going, you are stirring up all the grime from the pores and deep cleansing the skin.  When you're finished with this massage routine, a nice soft cloth soaked in warm water can take all that dirt away.  You can, if you like, repeat the procedure and this time a little less oil is needed.

We have 8 varieties of facial oil cleansers to chose from.  The only difference between each one is the essential oils that are used.  Have a look at our facial oil cleansers and see which one grabs your fancy and you can read about the benefits of the essential oils too.


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