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External factors that influence skin

External factors that influence skin


There are many external factors that influence your skin listed here below:-
  • Uv rays, both A and B.  Uva rays penetrate deep into the dermis and can lead to premature skin ageing.  UVB usually burn or affect the superficial layers of your skin and can cause skin cancer
  • Cold temperatures can  also cause the skin to narrow the blood vessels in order to prevent too much heat loss.  But this can cause the skin to dry out as this reduces sebaceous gland secretion.
  • Hot temperatures and humid conditions can make the sweat glands produce more sweat and can leave the skin  feeling greasy and prone to acne.  Rosacea can be triggered by hot temperatures
  • Diet has a huge effect on the skin.  Eating plant based foods and lean proteins can help lower the amount of skin issues.  Anti-oxidant rich foods, such as green leafy vegetables, yellow and orange fruits, are rich in Omega oils and protect the skin.  Staying away from fried and processed food is a great benefit for the skin
  • Drinking lots of water is essential for healthy skin.
  • Plenty of fresh air and exercise  promotes balance in the body and on the mind, keeps stress at bay and this all shows in the skin
  • Sleep, sleep, sleep - well not too much of it!
  • Smoking is a no no for your skin.  Free radicials, connected to ageing skin, love tobacco.
  • They also love alcohol and these free radicials can damage the collagen in your skin as well as elasticity and promote skin ageing and wrinkles

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