Essential Oils In Our Natural Skincare

The use of essential oils in natural skincare

We all love fragrances and especially in our skincare products but some of us, maybe most of us, don't want that fragrance to be artificial.  We can't abide by those fragrances that smell of something made up and artificial.  What's more,  these fragrances can be damaging to the skin, we can have reactions to these chemicals and they can dry out our skin rather than moisturise it.  So what do we do? 

Well, the first thing we look for, as an alternative to artificial fragrances is essential oils in our creams and balms.  There is nothing quite like the smell of lavender or ylang ylang or sweet orange.  There are countless fragrances to be had among the essential oils, and depending on your taste, they all smell divine and more like what they are representing.  For example, lavender essential oil smells like the plant as does ylang ylang or even rosemary.  You can immediately identify what each essential oil is.

Natural Scent is Good

Even though essential oils have some known allergens in them for most people a cream with not more than 1% essential oil in it is generally safe.  It can be up to 5% but it depends on the type of essential oil.  Some essential oils should not be used on the skin. Nowadays, people, like us, that are into making natural skincare must have any known allergen (deriving from the essential oil), if present at .01%, included on the label.    That way, people with extra sensitive skin can make informed choices. 

Although natural essential oils can be the cause of skin irritation, they tend not to have too many adverse effects but they do have some.  A good example of this would be using citrus essential oils and then going out in the sun.  The sun tends to react with citrus essential oils and can even speed up burning.  So be careful!!!  Another example would be using clove or cinnamon on the skin.  It can be an irritant to some sensitive people so proceed with caution.  Essential oils are powerful healers but can also be destructive.  Just read the label after first finding out what you are allergic to.

I have found Atlantic Aromatics to be one of the best Irish companies for essential oils.  Great quality and great service!!!

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