Dry Patches On The Face

I recently suffered from two dry patches on my face.  One dry patch was on the bridge of my nose, the other dry patch was on my forehead between my eyebrows.  Now I never suffer from dry patches on my face but I bring it down to the foundation I put on going to a wedding.  I never usually put foundations on my skin and so I suppose it was that that caused the dryness.

Tips For Dealing With Dryness On The Face

What I did was use my own night face cream (Oh, here she goes blowing her own trumpet).  Seriously, I kept putting it on every two hours - just a little dab and rubbed it in really well.  The dryness was still there after 2 hours but it had softened.  After another application and a wait of another two hours, it was even softer and then after 6 hours it had almost disappeared and was coming back to normal.  Within 12 hours there was an insignificant dryness there.  

night face cream

Our face creams are packed with skin-loving oils that moisturise even the driest of skin

If you have jojoba oil in the house you can also use that or, indeed, a combination of jojoba and sweet almond.  Both these oils will be great for tackling dry patches.  Be consistent and apply these every two hours until that patch goes away.

If you have to use foundation on your face, be sure to use a good facial oil cleanser to wipe it off before going to bed.  You might need two applications of the facial oil cleanser to have the face very clean so that the skin can breathe overnight.

facial oil cleanser

Give your skin a good massage daily.  Probably the best time for this is before bed at night or after the shower or first thing in the morning.  Massages really get the blood flowing and bring the necessary vitamins and minerals to the skin and help clean out toxins and help the skin moisturise itself


If you follow the above instructions, I would easily say that you could kiss goodbye to dry patches on the face and also your face will be all a glow!!!

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