Cream Deodorant with Arrowroot - Part of You Natural Skincare Routine


Why not make cream deodorant part of your natural skincare routine? It's easy to apply and will keep you dry the whole day.  And you'll smell nice too

Isn't Arrowroot for Cooking?

Why do we put arrowroot into our cream deodorants?  Arrowroot for your underarm?  Arrowroot, isn't that for cooking?  Is it not a thickening agent for sauces?  What use would it have for your underarm as a deodorant? Well, to answer why we put arrowroot into our cream deodorant; it is a very fine powder, almost like corn starch and it is amazing for its ability to absorb odours and deodorise them and soak up unwanted sweat.  Sorry ladies, I meant to say perspiration!!.  As you go about your daily chores, the arrowroot is working hard to make sure you remain dry,  that you don't smell bad, and gives you the confidence to keep up your constant daily good work!  So that's the main reason.

natural cream deodorant cedarwood & bergamot

Why put bentonite clay into the cream deodorant?

Besides putting arrowroot into our cream deodorant we also use bentonite clay.  Bentonite clay is great for drawing out toxins.  So between the arrowroot and the bentonite clay in our cream deodorants, we've got you covered in terms of anti-odour and keeping the underarm dry.  Worth a mention too are the other ingredients in our natural deodorants.  Cocoa butter is great for keeping the underarm nice and moisturised as is the shea butter also found in our deodorant.  Last but not least our cream deodorant would not be worth its weight in gold were it not for the beeswax, and essential oils used.  Beeswax has antibacterial properties and it creates a protective layer on the underarm.  The essential oils provide lovely natural scents (we have 6 different fragrances in our cream deodorant)  and keep you smelling divine. 

In conclusion, it is not by accident that we use both bentonite and arrowroot in our cream deodorants.  We did it because we know full well that you have a completely safe deodorant that will keep your underarms in a healthy state with no adverse effects on your health.  

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