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Cream Deodorant that won't harm your under arm

Cream Deodorant that won't harm your under armcream deodorant sweet minty

A pea size is all you need.  We supply a little scoop and all you have to do is scrape up a pea size portion, (ut's quite hard due to the cocoa butter content), rub it between the palm of your hands and your fingers and then apply to each arm pit.  If, later on in the day, you need to apply more then do so but a little at a time.  It keeps your under arm smelling clean all day. 


This deodorant doesn't contain bicarbonate of soda, known to cause irritation in some.  It has arrowroot (will absorb the sweat and bentonite clay (great for drawing out toxins).  It also has shea butter, which will keep the skin under the arms nice and moisturised and cocoa butter also moisturising and hydrating. 

Each tin contains 100g of these fine ingredients so expect it to last you up to a year.  Now that's great value for money!

cream deodorant ylang ylang and grapefruit

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