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Comfrey from the Garden

Comfrey from the Garden

This year for the first time we have comfrey growing in the garden.  We planted it out end of February and since then it has thanked us profusely by thriving and spreading itself.  As long as it doesn't take over the whole garden I'm happy where it is and it can spread all it wants in that area.  


The benefits of comfrey 

Comfrey, apart from being a wonderful fertiliser for the soil, is used for treating blisters, bruises, burns, cuts and scrapes, insect bites and stings,port injuries. eczema and, last but not least, for setting broken bones.  This latter benefit would be due to the mucilaginous root it has.

I just might start investigating more about this plant and see if I can make a poulice or a salve with it.  I know that next year I'll have it coming out of my ears it will have spread so much.


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