Cold Sores on your Lips- Ouch

Cold Sores on you Lips - Ouch

Not the nicest thing to get on your lips or around that area at anytime!!  Yet it happens to some of us a lot of the time.  They are tiny blisters that form on the mouth or sometimes even up you nose and can become quite virulent and painful

What are the causes of Cold Sores

Some of the common causes of cold sores are:-

Well the main cause is the simplex herpes virus.  This virus lives inside us and rears its ugly head when we're down and out and most vulnerable.  It can be spread through skin contact so be careful when you have a cold sore to stay away from everyone, especially children, as they are the most vulnerable.


  • Cold sores can erupt at anytime but particularly when:-
  • We're stressed
  • We've taken too much sun
  • We become in close contact with someone who has a cold sore.  Common ways of spreading are through kissing or sharing utensils such as knives or forks
  • We expose ourselves to cold or strong winds
  • Our immune system is at an all time low


I swear by tea tree.  I dab on a little bit on the affected area.  This has to be done at the early stages.  I've found that at that stage, you can reverse the eruption of the cold sore.  If the cold sore is well established, I still use tea tree but it takes its course anyway, albeit in a shorter time with less pain

Another treatment is, and I don't use this so I'm not swearing by it, zovirax.  Buy it in any chemist!.  There might be generic brands of this and they might be a bit cheaper.  

Then the obvious things you can do to prevent it at all is:-

  • Don't go kissing anyone who has a cold sore and don't share their knives and forks
  • In the winter, get tons of rest and make sure you eat plenty of fruit and vegetables so that your intake of vitamins and minerals is high.  Easier said than done!!  If necessary, take some sort of vitamins and mineral supplements.  I've heard that L-Lysine, an amino acid which is necessary for the immune system to build up anti-bodies, is good for cold sores.  But I'm not recommending it.  It might be worth a try though!.  
  • Avoid taking too much sun or at least put on protection and rub it into your lips.  You can also use lip balm
  • Try to relax and not take yourself or anything too seriously.  I could send that message to myself really!!

EAT WELL, SLEEP PLENTY, RELAX, MIND YOURSELF.  These simple rules apply to everything in life, don't they?




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