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Clean-shaven Versus Beard


Well, if you ask me what I prefer, I will, of course, say clean-shaven.  I say "of course" because my man, Mauricio, is actually clean-shaven.  I like him without the beard.  I don't mind a bit of stubble.  In fact I find it rather sexy.  But I'm not mad about a full grown (or blown) beard.  But just because I don't really like beards doesn't mean that you should rush off and shave it off.  Don't mind me! There's no accounting for taste.

If your are going to have a beard, then I suggest that you keep it nice and clean and smelling divine. We have two products that will do just that:- 


A shampoo bar with cedarwood and bergamot, or perhaps tea tree and lemon or rosemary & nettle to start with.  Give that beard a good old fashioned wash. Ditch the plastic and invest in a bar of shampoo.  You won't be sorry.  It does what it says on the tin (did I just say tin? No, I mean the box)  It cleans, nourishes, conditions the beard.  


Then to follow, an ylang ylang beard balm.  This will bring out the feminine in you.  You don't need to add to your masculinity, the beard does that for you.  But the sweet fragrance of ylang ylang will add that "je ne sais quoi" dimension to your persona.  Now if you have issue with smelling like a flower, then you can also go for the lemony fragrance in the beard balm, or indeed, the sweet minty one - it's the orange that makes it sweet along with a bit of vanilla and obviously it has peppermint in there too.  Ooooh you could just eat up that beard!!! 

A little goes a long way.  Just a wee bit on the tips of fingers and rub into that beard.  It will keep the beard in good shape, it will smell lovely and will also allow you to tame the beard in the way you want.

As I said before, just because I have stated that I prefer the clean-shaven type shouldn't stop you wearing that beard proudly.  Look at the guy in the photo.  Isn't he cute?!

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