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Chapped Hands

Chapped Hands

recipe for chapped hands

Most people nowadays are going around with chapped hands as a result of overusing these hand sanitisers.  Every shop you go into, you're expected to lather this rather chemically made up substance on your hands.  I'm not saying that this is an exageration.  I'm just saying that the result for everyone's hands is bad news.  Either one has dry dry hands or they've gone a stage further and have started to chap



This is a recipe I came across recently (Home Comfort Manual (ca. 1890))

Most of you will have porridge oats in the house.  What you mightn't have is glycerin but that can be purchased in the pharmacy.

1 part porridge oatmeal (ground)

1 part water (boiled)



Make a paste with the water and the oatmeal.  Wash your hands in this paste.  Wipe clean and rub in as much glycerin as you feel is necessary.  All this could be done before bed.  Leave the glycerin on and put on gloves (leather is probably best) and leave on all night



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