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Castor Oil in a Facial Oil Cleanser

Castor Oil in a Facial Oil Cleanser

facial oil cleanser with castor oil

What are the benefits of castor oil in your facial oil cleanser?

There are many benefits, namely:-

Castor oil is packed with fatty acids which help to retain moisture in the skin.  They help maximise hydration.  They also regulate the sebum production.  They keep the skin feeling soft and supple.   I always tell my customers to leave the cleanser on the skin and let it soak right in in order to get these fatty acids to do all this work.

It contains high percentage of ricinoleic acid  which can inhibit bacteria, that cause acne, to grow.  It is also anti-inflammatory.

The triglycerides found in castor oil are useful  for removing dirt from the skin and keeping moisture in.

It won't clog you pore.  In fact, using castor oil as a skin cleanser, with its thick consistency, will clean out those pores so it's really beneficial for acne sufferers.

Go to our page with the facial oil cleansers for more information.  They not only have castor oil in there, they also have golden jojoba and sunflower, all organic, all natural.  Try it!  You'll be pleasantly surprised!

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