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Blocked Pores

Blocked Pores

What causes blocked pores?  Well, in short, its the sebum, the body's natural oil, and dead skin and dirt getting trapped in the pores, enlarging them and sometimes causing infection.  We should try our best to unclog these pores as the problem can only get worse and the pores get bigger and bigger and more likely to trap dirt and sebum and dead skin.  


Daily cleansing of the skin is a must.  This can be done with

  • Oil cleansers.  Any good quality oils such as castor, olive, sunflower or sweet almond will do the trick.  Just rub on, gently massage into skin, and use a piece of cotton to wipe off finishing up with a warm cloth to gentle remove all traces of dirt.  For our product go to Facial Oil Cleansers
  • facial oil cleanser with organic oils
  • Steam treatment.  This you can do yourself.  Make sure to slowly but surely put you face over the bowl of steaming hot water with a towel over the head.  Stay for as long as you can making sure that you're not overwhelmed with the heat
  • Face masks.  Try to get one or make one yourself with activated charcoal.  It is my intention to make a proper face mask in 2022.  Leave the face mask on for a few minutes and then rinse off (or read the instructions on the bought face mask label)
  • Exfoliation.  Use a good quality cloth to clean the face regularly.  Jennifer Rock's cleanse off Mitt is a good one. DO NOT USE WIPES 
  • And of course I have to add the usual advice of eating properly.  What you ear comes out in you pores!!! 

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