Best Skincare Gift Sets For Your Loved Ones

Looking for a gift set for your loved ones?  Maybe you've already started thinking of Christmas gifts and possibly a gift set of natural skincare for that favourite person in your life.  If so, please read on.  At Heartworks, we have many different gift sets of natural skincare and different price ranges to suit all.  So whether you are looking for something for a mature woman who strives to have a wrinkle-free face, a teenager with acne problems, a son/nephew with a beard or one without, a mother who wears heavy make-up,  or a sister who has recently gotten into environmental issues and has reduced plastic, a brother who is conscientious about what he puts in his body and skin or a wife/partner who loves natural fragrances and also loves natural handmade soaps, we've got what you want.  All our skincare is handmade with the finest natural locally sourced oils, essential oils, and waxes. 

Apart from our soaps and shampoo bars where we put in some natural additives such as oatmeal, seaweed, nettle, and natural pink clay or our body butter and hand creams where we put in calendula petal soaked oil, our skincare consists of the above-mentioned (oils, essential oils, waxes) and no artificial ingredients and/or chemicals.  No cruelty to animals occurs in the making of our skincare and everything comes wrapped in cardboard or in tins that can be recycled.  That's good news for environmentally aware people who also care about their bodies!.  We have something for acne sufferers, for mature skin types, for people with dry skin and oily skin.  If anyone of your, readers, has a specific question please do not hesitate to contact us.  We're more than happy to address any concerns you may have regarding our amazing range of natural skincare.


At this stage, we want to be more specific and tell you about one or two of our most popular gift sets.  Firstly, let us introduce you to the "King Oak", "Queen Oak" and "Princess Oak" with its highly nourishing face cream, its lavish body butter, its beeswax lip balm, and its wonderfully scented natural soap.  It's quite a complete set for anyone as it takes care of most of the body.  Who doesn't want to keep those elbows and feet moisturised?  Who loves to put on a highly nutritious face cream before bed, who likes to keep the lips moisturised and protected, and who loves to smell the wonderful and natural fragrances of handmade natural soap? 

Another gift set that is popular due to its simple and natural appearance is the "Deluxe" range gift sets and quite inexpensive.  We have three varieties here; for those who love the exotic smell of ylang ylang, the uplifting smell of lemon and lemongrass, or the clean and relaxing smell of lavender.  This is a very simple but attractive gift set comprising of a handmade natural soap and a body butter or it can be a hand cream.

linden tree gift set of natural skincare

Although each gift set carries within it something special, we want to draw your attention to one more gift set.  Feel free afterward to browse all seventeen of our gift sets.  The "Linden Tree" gift set deserves a mention with its shampoo bar for those trying to cut down on the single use of plastic and its cream deodorant for those who care about what goes next to their lymphatic system.  Not only does it contain these two aforementioned items, but it also contains a lip balm, a natural soap, and a body butter.  So it's quite a robust gift set. 

But please do browse our gift sets of natural skincare  to see other gifts sets that contain:-

skincare for men

facial oil cleansers

beard balm

shaving soap

Whatever the occasion, be it a birthday, Christmas, Easter, or Valentine there's a gift for everyone; gifts for her, gifts for Christmas, gifts of natural skincare to maintain beautiful skin, gifts that show you care and want to give an extra special handmade and natural gift.


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