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Bentonite Clay in our Natural Chemical Free Deodorant

Bentonite Clay in our Natural Chemical Free Deodorant

Why put bentoninte clay in our deodorants?  Well, apart from the fact that we don't rely on toxic chemicals to do the work, bentonite clay has the ability to draw out toxins and soak up unwanted odours in a natural safe way.  We don't use any aluminum in our products which can be harmful and is linked to breast cancer

Ingredients in our natural cream deodorants

The ingredients in our natural cream deodorants are:-

Cocoa butter

Coconut oil

Shea butter


Bentonite Clay


I've already spoken about the benefits of bentonite clay.  The arrowroot helps eliminate odours too.  All the other ingredients serve to keep the underarm moisturised, protected and odour free.  That's what a "DEODORANT" is supposed to do.

Our cream deodorants come in 6 varieties.  There is one, upon request, for an unscented one for those particularly sensitive to essential oils

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