Beeswax for your Skin

The benefits of beeswax for your skin



What are the benefits of beeswax for the skin?  Well there are numerous benefits:-

  • Beeswax has plenty of Vitamin A in it, which contains retinol - great for smoothing out fine lines (wrinkles)  and also regulating sebum production.  That is always good news for acne sufferers
  • It is a humectant so therefore attracts moisture and hydrates the skin
  • It offers a protective layer on the skin against the elements
  • And it is a natural exfoliator
beeswax for your skin

    Beeswax in our Natural Skincare

    beeswax lip balm

    The only products of our natural skincare that don't have beeswax in them are our handmade soaps, shampoo bars, shaving soaps and our facial cleansing oils.  All the rest have varying degrees of beeswax.  Our lip balms, for example, contain at least 25% beeswax.  Along with other ingredients such as coconut oil and shea butter with their moisturising qualities, this lip balm is the bee's knees in protecting and moisturising the lips.  Other products containing beeswax are our hand cream and body butter  which, along with our own homemade calendula oil, offer great protection and healing properties and moisturising qualities to your skin.

    Other uses for Beeswax

    Beeswax is not only great for your skin.  It has many other uses too.  I can think immediately of a few such uses:-

    Because beeswax has anti-bacterial properties it is ideal in the making of beeswax food wraps keeping the food wrapped in it safe.  Have you ever tried beeswax candles?  They're the "beesness" as they are bio-degradable and can actually clean the air, getting rid of toxins, as they burn.

    Beeswax mixed with certain oils can be great for buffing up a table or a wooden floor.  Just melt the wax and add to the oil and give it a good mix.  If you are using a butter like cocoa butter, you will need to melt this too.  Just throw it into a bain marie along with the beeswax pellets.  Maybe 50% wax and 50% oil is a good combination,  You can also use this polish to buff up your bread /food board and remove fine lines that come about by using sharp knife.  


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