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ayurvedic face mapping


Aurvedic face mapping is a technique where areas of the face are associated with different parts of the body.  So, for example, if you have a break out on you forehead it might be connected to poor digestion or a nervous disorder.

Acne between the eyebrows 

Acne between the eyebrows is thought to be connected to the liver.  If this occurs, you should be seriously thinking about your alcohol comsumption

Acne on the nose

Acne on the nose or a redness there might be due to blood pressure or poor circulation

Acne on the cheeks

Having acne on the cheeks may have to do with the lungs so if you're a smoker you know what to do; either cut out or cut down (Sorry!!) Another cause of acne on the cheeks is dirty phones or dirty pillows.  Clean you phone regularly and wash your pillowcases too!

Acne on the jaw and/or chin

This might indicate an hormonal imbalance.  It might even correlate to bacterial overgrowth in the gut.  


You can take all of this with a grain of salt, if you like.  Of course if one is suffering from acne in any part of the face or body you don't necessarily rely on this chart.  It can help point you in the right direction but acne is complicated and this is just one  way of seeing things.  Ayurvedic medicine has its origins in India and believes that true balance is in all three of mind, body and soul.

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