Ah Sweet Rose Hip!

Ode to Rose Hip Oil

rose hips for rose hip oil


If you knew the process of extracting the oil from rose hip you'd wonder no more about how expensive it it!

Rose hip oil is not extracted from the petals, which is called rose oil.  But the real rose hip oil is extracted from those tiny seeds that come from the rose hip belonging to the Rosa Canina Rose bush.  There are various ways to extract the oil from the seeds:- 

  • Solvent extraction
  • Cold-pressed extraction
  • Supercritical extraction

The best way from these three and the most efficient way of extracting all that wonderful anti-oxidants and valuable fatty acids is the third one.  Carbon dioxide gas is used at high pressure but low temperature to extract the oil.

Benefits of Rose Hip Oil on the Skin and Hair

  • The benefits of this wonderful oil on the skin and hair is phenomenal.  It is thought to contain higher levels of Vitamin C which in turn help fight off free radicals and has anti-oxidant properties.  It can also support collagen production and so helping to reduce wrinkles
  • Due to the Vitamin A content, it can help protect from sun or reverse sun damage, it can also reduce wrinkles, help with acne and reduce hyper- pigmentation.
  • It may also help with stretch marks and scars.
  • Applied to the scalp, it can reduce itchiness, control dandruff and also nourish the scalp.
  • Applied to the strands, it can reduce split ends, help with frizziness and generally condition the hair

We don't have rose hip oil in any of our shampoo bars but we do have it in some of the face creams for dry, mature skin



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