Acne in Teenagers

It's very common for a teenager to have acne on their face, neck, shoulders and back.  Painful, pus filled pimples erupt on the skin, the pores get clogged up with dirt creating blackheads or whiteheads.  It's no joke and it's a cause of great anxiety for the already angst teenager.  What to do about this severe problem? And what are the causes?

We all know that cleanliness is important - a thorough wash every day, even a few times a day, of the affected area with just simple soap and a cloth will suffice.  

The teenager as a result of all those hormones floating about, produces more sebum (oil) than they know what to do with.  This excess of sebum clogs up the pores and mixes together with dirt and bacteria builds up there and creates pimples or lumps. When these get infected they can turn nasty, red and inflamed, sore and with lots of pus oozing out.  Sound disgusting?  

Sometimes, the problem gets serious and a doctor is needed to prescribe anti-biotics but in the main, it can be controlled with diet, cleanliness, plenty of exercise and fresh air, reducing stress,  and applying an appropriate cream.  Tea tree has been known to help fight the bacteria by applying it onto the spots and witch hazel oil helps treat the resulting inflamation and helps in the healing of the wound.  Applying  a cream with jojoba oil on the affected area is said to help stop the sebum from producing more.  It sort of mimics the sebum and tells it that it has produced enough, tricks it in a way.

Stress may be another big culprit.  And teenagers don't know how to acknowledge the signs of stress.  It's important to get plenty of sleep, to get lots of fresh air, to do regular feel good exercise, to take deep breaths continously and to take up hobbies that make one feel good and that hugely interest you.  Easier said than done, I know

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