5 Tips For Applying Your Moisturising Face Cream

Pure Natural Face Cream
It's not just enough to apply your moisturising face cream every day, it's how you apply it that matters most.  I have some handy tips for you when applying the face cream ensuring that it reaches down into the various layers of your skin.
I am a firm believer in massage as a therapy for all over the body and especially the face.  It's this massage that I want to give the tips on so that your face receives the best attention daily.
  1. Using a good moisturising face cream, put a little on your finger tips and work into your forehead with circular movements.  With both hand work from the centre out and do so for about 1 minute.  Finish off here with sweeping movements from the middle of the forehead out towards the temples and then gently massage the temples with circular movements
  2. Now for the nose and under the eyes.  Pinch the nose from the top right down to the nostrils.  Then with your index finger, starting from the bridge of the nose softly and gently trace under the eyes finishing up at the temples.  Again gently massage the temples with circular movements
  3. The neck is next.  Apply some cream and then with back of the your hands using your fingers rub from the collar bone right up to the chin.  Do this for 1 minute alternating between both hands.  From the middle of your chin to the ears pinch along the bone.
  4. Now with cream on your fingers start massaging in circular movements from the bottom of you face right up to the and including the cheek bones making sure those fingers go everywhere you haven't been to yet!
  5. Finish up with a. A stretch to the mouth by opening as wide as you can and the same for the eyes.  b. tap all over your face with your finger tips.  Do this for about 1 minute.  
So now, not only have your applied your moisturising face cream but you've also got the blood circulating and have encouraged the cleaning out of your skin.  This done on a daily basis should show results within 3 weeks.  Remember it's as much the massage as the good quality and nourishing, moisturising face cream. 

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